A Parade of Lies, and One Chilling Truth

Parade of Lies

So much for an upbeat, optimistic convention.

I could only bear to watch some of the cut-rate Triumph of the Will that passed for the 2020 Republican National Convention—maybe a third of it—but I’d be surprised if what I missed redeemed what I saw. Because what I saw was absolutely grotesque.

As Andrew Marantz writes in The New Yorker, “To some extent, all party conventions are pageants of paradox and puffery.” But what we saw this past week went far beyond that. Here’s Dan Rather:

Even to call it a convention is to miss the point. This was propaganda, the pageantry, power, and symbolism of our federal government—OUR government, we the people—exploited by a president who feels unbound by the constitution in his desperate desire to hold on to power.

A secretary of state from foreign soil pledges sycophantic fealty to his boss with hopes of bolstering his own standing in a political party that has become a personality cult. Immigrants are used as props in the White House by a president who has demonized, restricted, and mistreated even legal immigrants and asylum seekers. Uniformed military personnel are employed in this charade. A first lady, who is an unrepentant birther, mouths teleprompter platitudes in front of an unmasked crowd of true believers during a deadly mismanaged pandemic in a re-imagined rose garden and is heralded by some for her tone.

All quite correct. But the real eyepopper was they extent to which almost every word uttered by the speakers at the convention was a lie…..and not just garden variety political prevarication, but howlers that were in 180 degree diametrical opposition to actual reality. Orwell would never have dared go this far.

We’ll get back to that in a minute.

First, I feel compelled to review some of the lowlights, even as they have already been well worked over:

+ Don Jr’s bizarre speech, which was driven either by Bolivian marching powder, or by a lifetime of humiliation and desire to please daddy….

+ Pam Bondi, who as the Florida Attorney General took a $25,000 campaign donation from Trump and then (by sheer coincidence!) stopped pursuing a case against Trump University. This week Pam’s task was to lecture us about the Biden family’s supposed nepotism while the chyron beneath her announced the upcoming speakers: Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Melania Trump….

+ Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, who said the Trump family are “warm and caring, hardworkers, and down to earth.”(Also: there’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.)

+ Mike Pompeo, speaking from Jerusalem on the US taxpayers’ dime, claiming that Trump has made America stronger and stood up to our enemies…..which is true if you count letting Vladimir Putin pay for American scalps and thanking him for the privilege “standing up.” (In the New Yorker, Robin Wright took Pompeo’s risible claims apart piece by piece.)

+ Internet troll turned former acting DNI Richard Grenell proudly embracing the term “nationalist,” while promoting the right wing fever dream of “Obamagate,” and suggesting that Angela Merkel has a crush on Don.

+ An anti-abortion activist named Abby Johnson railing against Planned Parenthood……oh, and PS Abby also believes in one vote per household with the husband having the final say. (Another scheduled speaker was a post time scratch after she retweeted an anti-Semitic QAnon thread. I’m surprised they didn’t give her a better slot.)

And there was more—much much more. As I say, I only saw about a third of the trainwreck.

For many, the blue ribbon went to Don Jr.’s girlfriend and former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle for her unhinged, widely ridiculed Disney villain speech, which is destined to be a classic. It was indeed headspinning, very much in an Exorcist way.

But for my money the most disturbing moment was Nick Sandmann, the student at a private Catholic high school in Kentucky who last year was filmed wearing a MAGA hat during a confrontation with a Native American senior citizen at an anti-abortion rally at the Lincoln Memorial. That incident itself was complex and an object lesson in partisanship. But Nick’s partially successful (and partially correct) efforts to defend himself were obliterated when he went all in for Team Trump last week.

Young Nick’s Children of the Corn-style address—in which he painted himself as the real victim, lashed out at the media, “professional protestors,” “cancel culture,” and generally sang the praises of the Dear Leader, was truly chilling, especially as he barely blinked the whole time.

What’s that you say? He’s just a kid who didn’t ask to be thrust into the national spotlight? That may have been true last year at the Lincoln Memorial, but now he’s a willing and eager volunteer in the Trump media campaign, so the court of public opinion is going to try him as an adult.

Being a teenager has not done much to protect kids like Tamir Rice.


It goes without saying that there was a distinctly neo-fascist tenor to the convention: in the content, the iconography, the mind-numbing repetition of the word “freedom,” the ostentatious religiosity, and of course the cult of personality.

To that end, it was almost beyond satire that the GOP elected not to have a platform at all this election year, pledging instead that “The Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the president’s America-first agenda.” In other words, its platform is “Anything Donald wants!” Which is exactly the way it has behaved for the past four years.

Many observers have noted that the conservative movement at large no longer even pretend to have any ideas or goals in its governance beyond pleasing Trump, which is but a waystation on the path to trying to consolidate raw political power purely for its own sake and utterly divorced from anything remotely resembling principle.

What do you call it when a party has no ideology whatsoever except blind loyalty to its leader? There’s a word for it—damn, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Maybe it will come to me later.

Aesthetically, the entire spectacle was staged like a reality TV show. (It was crafted in part by producers from “The Apprentice.”) That might be tactically smart, given how popular that format is, and a natural fit, given the current president’s CV, but it doesn’t exactly speak well of the state of political discourse in 21st century America. At one point, CNN’s graphics promised a “Convention Pardon,” as if that’s a thing we’re all familiar with. There were also TV-ready “special surprises” like Trump trying to prove he’s not a xenophobe by naturalizing five new American citizens. (“Kwame, will you accept this rose?”)

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick noted the hypocrisy in play, not merely in light of the administration’s long record of egregious anti-immigrant policies, but even on the specifics of naturalization ceremonies, which are currently halted due to COVID-19, “which may mean that hundreds of thousands of potential citizens won’t actually be able to vote in November.” No shock there.

(In case you weren’t already appalled enough, turns out Trump copied his grand entrance for that ceremony directly from his hero Mr. Putin. “Steal from the best,” Melania must have advised him.)

Lithwick continues:

We knew, going into this convention, that Trump would make use of the grounds of the White House as he made his bid for reelection. But he has actually gone further, by using the actual powers his office bestows on him to perform presidential acts as part of the convention….

He casually deployed two powers of the presidency—intended to be considered, and judicious, and life-altering—not to promote justice or correct wrongs, but because he can, because it’s television, and because he wants to win an election.

But abusing the powers of the presidency for personal gain is 100% on brand for Mr. Trump—indeed, it’s his signature move, even as co-mingling official presidential matters with partisan politicking has heretofore streng verboten and diligently avoided by both parties. In fact, it is explicitly illegal, under the Hatch Act. But as Lithwick also notes, “The Hatch Act has been the toilet paper on the shoe of this administration for a long time.” And, of course, Trump Nation relishes him doing that; you can imagine for yourself what they would say if an Obama or a Clinton or a Biden did so.

Morgan State professor Jason Johnson was even more pointed, noting that for two and a half hours the American people watched a literal crime unfold on national television, and the perpetrators reveling in it.

None of this is accidental. The White House and its subordinates know very well that they are violating the law. That, indeed, is the point. They are gleefully aware that they can do so with impunity, as the Republican Senate proved last winter that it will not hold them to account, and delight in demonstrating (as authoritarians love to do) that the rules just don’t apply to them, and that they create their own reality.

Need more proof? This past Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows publicly scoffed that “Nobody outside of the Beltway really cares.” This was a remarkable reversal, as the Daily Beast reports, since “before joining an administration famous for its casual disregard for the Hatch Act, Meadows was one of the federal law’s biggest supporters. Meadows co-sponsored multiple pieces of legislation intended to strengthen punishments for violations of the law, and was a hawkish investigator of purported Hatch Act violations by minor members of the Obama administration.”

The final norm-breaking—sorry, scratch that, law-breaking—was of course Trump giving his acceptance speech from the South Lawn of the White House, a tableau right out of a banana republic, with campaign signs pasted across the once hallowed building, one that is increasingly barricaded against protestors just like the palaces of despots in those forlorn fake democracies.

As Joy Reid remarked, if American democracy falls, “this is what it will look like to have a decrepit, corrupt monarchy.”

(Having 2000 people in the audience without masks and not social distanced was another act of performative authoritarianism, attempting to assert—or at least feign—supremacy even over science. But the coronavirus wasn’t impressed; more Americans died of COVID during the four days of the RNC than died on 9/11.)

Trump’s actual speech—which had the unmistakable feel of Stephen Miller’s syntax—was surprisingly flat and boring. It’s a great irony that Trump is so leaden when reading from a teleprompter, rather than winging it full bull goose looney style. Maybe Kim Guilfoyle can give him some tips. No surprise, the speech was also full of wall-to-wall lies—Rachel Maddow’s post-mortem listing the falsehoods sounded like the narrator of an erectile dysfunction ad speed-reading the side effects. (“Discontinue using Trumpoxychloroquine if delusions persist.”)

The lies were far too many to detail here, but I will seize on one of the smallest and pettiest, as it was also one of the most brazen and psychotic. Trump repeated (again) the easily refuted lie that the DNC removed “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during their own convention, when video clearly proves that his pants are on fire.

But Trump knows his followers believe anything he says, even over their own eyes and ears. Like the abuse of power, the shameless mendacity is a deliberate demonstration of uncontested dominance, designed to delight his followers and inform his opponents that they are helpless to stop it.

Except we’re not.


In that regard, Trump’s (anti-)climactic speech was merely the cherry atop the cake, for the whole Republican Convention was a non-stop litany of lies. If one was a newly arrived extraterrestrial tuckered out from traveling 50,000 light years across the universe and without access to any other information, it might have sounding pretty convincing. But anyone familiar with capital “R” reality would instantly recognize this shitshow as a parade of what the soon-to-depart Kellyanne Conway once memorably called “alternative facts.”

Which is to say, bullshit.

The Post’s factcheckers called the second night of the RNC “a tsunami of untruths;” they referred to Mike Pence’s speech on the third night as “a cascade of false claims;” and of the fourth night said “Trump’s speech was a tidal wave of false claims and revisionist history.”

Aquatic metaphors abound. But the lies fell into two general categories.

The first was the incessant attempt to paint a counterfactual portrait of Donald Trump as:

+ A deeply empathetic humanitarian who really really cares about you as a person

+ The first person on Planet Earth to recognize the dangers of COVID-19, and the man who took smart, decisive action to stop its spread, saving millions of lives!

+ A financial genius (very stable variety) who is not at all responsible for the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, 30 million Americans being out of work, and a historic contraction of the GDP. (Ask TV and radio’s Larry Kudlow. All is well!)

+ A stalwart patriot who has solidified NATO, brought the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs to their knees through sheer charisma, and totally doesn’t give Vladimir Putin handjobs whenever his master’s voice calls.

+ A feminist champion. Just look at how much he loves broads!

+ Definitely not a racist (some of his best friends are Black!).

+ And much much more!

If you don’t recognize this Donald Trump, it may be because he doesn’t remotely exist, unless it’s on a mirror image Bizarro World on the other side of the sun were day is night, up is down, and Dan Snyder is a progressive hero. (You thought WFT was an acronym for Washington Football Team? I think they have the last two letters transposed.)

But this is the Fox News world in which redhat nation bathes, with the convention offering the rest of us what the Washington Post’s Brian Klaas called “a glimpse into the alternate reality where Trump and the die-hard supporters within his base have lived for years.”

Way back in April, in a piece called “The Super Bowl of Gaslighting,” I wrote:

If you live in the reality-based community, you may be unaware that in MAGA World there are millions of people who firmly believe that Donald Trump is a great humanitarian, a world-beating philanthropist, and a selfless benefactor of mankind.

Not for these people the Donald Trump who had his charitable foundation shuttered by the state of New York for stealing money from children suffering from cancer. Fake news! No, their Trump is a latter day Albert Schweitzer who also knows more about ISIS than the generals and more about epidemiology than Anthony “Dr. Doom” Fauci with his fancy book learnin’.

But if you’ll believe that Donald Trump has a heart of gold, you’ll believe anything…..including the howling lie that Trump has handled the COVID-19 pandemic like a champ. (Just ask him.) Because that is very much the narrative Trump and his amen corner in the right wing media are attempting to spin.

And that was April, when only a few thousand Americans had yet died from the pandemic. That alternate reality had metastasized dramatically by the time of the RNC.

The reliably bootlicking Mike Pence took the lead in lavishing praise on Trump’s response to the coronavirus, as reported by The New Yorker’s John Cassidy:

In Pence’s telling, “President Trump marshaled the full resources of our federal government from the outset. He directed us to forge a seamless partnership with governors across America in both political parties.” Under his leadership, the Administration reinvented testing, coordinated the delivery of billions of pieces of personal protective equipment, and “enacted an economic rescue package that saved fifty million American jobs.”

This is like saying Vladimir Putin is a great defender of a free press, or Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was a terrific fire marshal, or Son of Sam was the best thing that ever happened to New York City tourism. But as Cassidy wryly notes, “With the national death toll approaching 180,000….Americans can see reality with their own eyes.”


The second category of lies was an equally absurd attempt to paint Joe Biden (and that colored girl he put on his ticket) as a Satan-worshipping communist who drinks the blood of Christian babies.

Ginning up panic about the opposition is an old tradition among demagogues. But the GOP broke the meter.

Joe is a radical leftist, a cheerleader for Red China, and a socialist who will defund the police. He will let mobs run lose in the streets, side with criminals over victims, “destroy the suburbs” (whatever that means), take your guns, abolish your church, open the borders and lodge illegal aliens in your rec room where they will drink all your Fresca and put the empty cans in the mixed paper bin instead of the aluminum and glass one.

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz said Biden isn’t a real Catholic (I guess God told Lou that), and that you have to have politicians you can trust! “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” Mike Pence informed us.

Can fearmongering get any more blatant?

Per Pam Bondi, corruption was a huge theme in the Biden-bashing—in keeping with the projection that is the bread & butter of this administration—accusing Joe, as the New York Times editorial board wrote, “of secretly doing what Mr. Trump has accomplished overtly during the past three years—using his office to enrich himself and his family.”

A nun accused Biden of favoring infanticide. Now, I know that Sister Deirdre Byrne is a retired Army colonel and a doctor, and has worked extensively with refugees in the developing world. Respect to her. But I’ve known plenty of Army colonels, and plenty of doctors, and plenty of Army doctors, and I’m here to tell you that none of that inoculates a person from holding vile views, or spreading hatred while masquerading as a paragon of virtue.

Nor does being a nun. The fall of Falwell notwithstanding, the willingness of religious people to support Trump—evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, and others—brings shame upon their faiths. Anyone who supports Trump ought to be ashamed, for that matter, but especially those who position themselves as models of moral rectitude.

I remember well Jesus’s words: “Suffer the little children to come unto me, so they can be ripped from their parents and put in cages.”

But frankly, what found more objectionable than Sister Deirdre’s comments on abortion was her winking comparison of today’s retrograde conservatives to Jesus Christ, on the grounds that he too was “politically incorrect.”

The image of her in her habit, standing in front of a placard reading “TRUMP PENCE 2020” was like something out of The Handmaid’s Tale. All her other accomplishments and claims on virtue are rendered moot, and her judgment and credibility destroyed, when she says things like this:

Donald Trump is the most pro-life president this nation has ever had, defending life at all stages. His belief in the sanctity of life transcends politics. President Trump will stand up against Biden-Harris, who are the most anti-life presidential ticket ever, even supporting the horrors of late-term abortion and infanticide. Because of his courage and conviction, President Trump has earned the support of America’s pro-life community. Moreover, he has a nationwide of religious standing behind him.

If you believe that, you’ll believe a virgin can give birth.

But no allegation was too absurd to be leveled against Biden.

Speaker after speaker described the hellscape into which the Democrats have dragged the United States. Some of that is imaginary—like the abolition of the police and its replacement with Khmer Rouge-brand re-education camps where you will be force-fed “Free to Be You and Me” via the Ludivico technique. But some—like 180,000 dead, a cratering economy, and militarized police in the streets—is very real. The issue of who’s responsible, however, is another matter.

An incoherent Rudy Giuliani—looking like he was on the verge of a cardiac arrest and as flopsweaty as Albert Brooks in Broadcast News—painted a picture of American cities in violent chaos. Damn straight! Get it together, President Biden, or we’ll vote your ass out!!!!

Oh, wait.

What’s that you say—that it’s the fault of progressive “Democrat” big city mayors?

But even if one accepts that completely dishonest portrait, if Donald can’t control those mayors, does he deserve four more years?

Trump himself called for Biden to be drug tested before any debates, to make sure he’s not taking “performance enhancing” drugs. I don’t know if he thinks Joe has been hanging around with Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service bicycle racing team, but maybe he can get Louis Dejoy to defund it.

His remark, referring to Biden’s debate with Bernie earlier this year, was couched in classic Trump ass-covering: “Somebody said to me, ‘He must be on drugs.’ I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m asking for a drug test.”

Trump said he’d take the test too. Given the aforementioned projection, I think we can take that as an admission of his own addiction. (A classic cry for help, folks.)


The right wing punditocracy was predictably thrilled with the Republican show. Hugh Hewitt, who is rivaled in his sycophancy toward Trump only by his fellow WaPo columnist Marc Thiessen, called the first two nights “superb” and “nearly flawless.”

But the bottom line is that neither party’s convention is likely to have much impact, so calcified is the partisan divide. Few Americans even watch these events, other than political junkies and hardcore partisans, and our views are already set in stone. Accordingly, both conventions were mere Rorschach tests in which the faithful saw and heard what they wanted. (I’m guilty of it, for sure; have a look at my fanboy reaction to last week’s DNC.)

To the extent that either convention had any impact on that tiny sliver of undecideds, I must say I am baffled how at this point anyone who is not newly emerged from a four-year-long coma (or arriving on that alien spaceship I mentioned earlier) could be undecided about Donald Trump.

But let’s pause to note that while we were distracted by the circus that was the RNC, police in Kenosha, WI recently shot a Black man in the back seven times at point blank range, paralyzing him. (Jacob Blake’s previous troubles with the law are irrelevant; as far as I know, our police are not supposed to be extrajudicial execution squads.)

In the ensuing protests, Kyle Rittenhouse, a Trump-supporting vigilante, shot and killed two protestors and wounded a third with an AR-15 variant semiautomatic rifle. On Fox, Tucker Carlson offered praise for Kyle, to whom, in his view, it has fallen to restore “law and order.” Ann Coulter and various other right wing swine did likewise.

When people talk idly of a coming second civil war in America, this is precisely the sort of thing that makes that seem plausible rather than alarmist.

(In this video you can see police in Kenosha thanking vigilantes like Kyle, saying “We appreciate you guys” and giving them water bottles.)

In light of those murders, Mark and Patricia McCloskey—the wealthy, gun-toting St. Louis couple who brandished weapons at BLM protestors and for their efforts won a speaking slot at the Republican convention—look a lot less comic and a lot more chilling. With its tokenist display of Black speakers attesting that Trump is actually MLK in whiteface, the GOP seems determined to prove that it isn’t racist…..but not to the point of actually not being racist, just enough to make its more moderate members feel OK about voting red in the fall, while at the same time continuing to stoke the politics of white resentment for partisan gain.

It’s an incredibly dangerous and criminally reckless strategy.

How much of a leap is it from the creepy, pro-Trump vibe of Nick Sandmann to the homicidal pro-Trump vibe of Kyle Rittenhouse? A leap. But not an Olympic one.


We have entered a perilous moment in American history, one where disinformation has reached toxic levels and the survival of the republic is legitimately in doubt.

In politics, there is always spin…..but then there’s the effort to cast Trump as the hero of the pandemic (not its superspreader), the man who can save the economy (instead of the one who presided over its epic collapse), and a champion of law and order (instead of a wanton crook himself).

We should hardly be surprised that the convention renominating Trump for a second term would be a festival of deceit, reflecting as it does a party that is in thrall to one of the most untrustworthy and mendacious figures in modern times.

Here’s the real deal, and what posterity is already recording: Donald Trump is a malevolent incompetent whose criminal mishandling of the coronavirus cost over a hundred thousand lives and still counting, and turned the United States into a piteous global embarrassment. And that’s just one front of his multi-faceted criminal unfitness. The self-delusion necessary to suggest that he is instead a bold, forward-thinking hero who saved untold lives is a strong candidate for the biggest con in the history of cons. But we are about to see how gullible the American people really are.

Trump is a living embodiment of Mary McCarthy’s quip (originally slung at Lillian Hellman) that every word he says is a lie, including “and” and “the.” But every rule has an exception, and recently Trump said something that I believe was undeniably true…..and it scares the pants off me.

For three years I and others have been speculating about whether Trump will willingly leave office in January 2021 should he lose the election. Of late that speculation has turned to certainty that he will at the very least challenge the results of the vote if he doesn’t win (or if he doesn’t succeed in skewing it so that he can plausibly claim victory).

But until recently that was still an assertion—however confident—by Trump’s critics. Now Trump himself has bluntly announced, outright, in public.

Speaking on August 20th in Scranton, PA—Joe Biden’s hometown—Trump said of mail-in voting:

So this is just a way they’re trying to steal the election, and everybody knows that. Because the only way they’re going to win is by a rigged election.

There you have it. If Biden wins, the election will have been fraudulent by definition. A perfect tautology for a wannabe president-for-life.

As I say, I generally don’t trust Donald J. Trump as far as I can throw him (NB: he weighs almost 300 pounds), but in this case I take him at his word a McGovernesque 1000%.

(Sidebar for sticklers: Is this the same as Trump saying he will contest the result, or merely that it won’t be fair if he loses? It’s true that, technically, one might still argue that he has not said specifically that he will refuse to abide by a vote he doesn’t like. The possibility remains that he might just grumpily slink off to Mar-a-Lago to play golf, muttering that he wuz robbed. But in practical reality his making-of-trouble is implied.)

We better get ready. Promises made, promises kept.

The irony, of course, is that Trump is claiming the election will be “rigged” while doing everything within his considerable power to rig it himself…..much as he howls that voting-by-mail will be a catastrophe, even as he and his shameless minion DeJoy labor mightily to make that come true. Recently he suggested that he would send armed law enforcement officers to “protect” polling places (read: intimidate voters). Even a reliable lickspittle like acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf (now nominated for Senate confirmation in that job) had to push back and tell the press the administration won’t really do that.

Unless—gasp!—Chad is lying!!

Speaking to The Recount, Hillary Clinton recently advised Joe Biden that he should not concede a close race until a true vote count is resolved, as the delay due to mail-in balloting and other complications will almost surely require days or even weeks before we know the actual result. The Republicans set their collective hair on fire over those remarks; funny how they are totally cool with Trump’s far more outrageous comments to that end. The Trump campaign posted the video on its website; he is thrilled any time he can fundraise and gin up his base by hating on Hillary.

But she is completely correct. Picture Florida in 2000 times fifty.

A group called Protect the Vote has been stood up to gird for this battle; I encourage anyone who is interested to check it out.

For if there is one takeaway from the Republican Convention, it ought to be that Trump sees himself and the state as one—which we’ve known for a while, though rarely on such blatant display—and will shamelessly marshal the full power of the presidency to preserve his hold on power.

There ought to be no more discussion or debate. Trump has bluntly announced that he intends to remain in office in January 2021 no matter what. Is there any simpler definition of an autocracy?

American carnage indeed.


Photo: RNC/Handout via REUTERS




16 thoughts on “A Parade of Lies, and One Chilling Truth

    1. You have already given me an early Christmas present, SGH, opining that both sides are corrupt even as you openly support one of them. Rock solid logic there.

      KAG indeed: Close to 190,000 dead, an economy in shambles, and vigilantes killing people in the streets while Fox News praises them. Quite a job your boy has done leading the country.


      1. Thank you for trying to insult me with my rock solid logic! Typical.
        But I’m polite… You are very welcome for your early Christmas present! Enjoy!!

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      2. Classic. You come on my blog, make a snide comment, then when I push back with actual substantive points, you whine about being “insulted.”

        You are not polite, sir: you are another smug Trump supporter who can dish it out but not take it.

        If you’d like to defend you position, I’m here. If not, don’t waste my time. Have a great day.


  1. Your essay was too long and wrong but FYY Nick Sandmann did not argue with the senior fake Vietnam vet. He just stood there and now he’s won a libel lawsuit against CNN for lying about him like you just did for millions. More suits to come. RNC Convention was like night and day compared to the boring unprofessional DNC convention. “every word uttered by the speakers at the convention was a lie” that’s a lie. I know of each and every speaker and they all came to tell the truth and did. May have been a shock to the “low information voters” or BLM sympathizers. I guess you won’t be voting for Trump. Got it.

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    1. We’ve spoken before, haven’t we, BOWT? I’ve missed you and your wisdom so….

      Your incredibly picayune and almost entirely subjective criticisms are duly noted. If that’s the best pushback you have, color me unimpressed.

      “I know of each and every speaker and they all came to tell the truth and did.”

      Stop, stop—you’re killing me with comedy. Just for fun, here’s a detailed breakdown of all the lies just in Trump’s speech….to say nothing of the parade of deluded and deceitful, and who preceded him.

      Have a great day!



      1. First of all I don’t take NPR as a reliable source of anything. I read through their nitpicking and elaborating comments which was all they were, not pointing out lies by Trump until I got to their lie saying “calling it the China Virus and Kung Flu is racist”. Trump repeated what he’d read on social media Kung Flu among 19 other names for it. I call it the Bat Virus as it came from bats. China Virus is not racist. It comes from China! Here’ what’s racist Nancy calling it the Trump Virus. That’s reverse racism. I stopped reading after that as I knew they were being petty which they always are. A speech is a summary of accomplishments not a detailed report. Shame on them.


      2. Better Off, I knew that your first move would be to decry NPR as fake news. This is the standard right wing dodge: dismiss any inconvenient facts that don’t jive with your twisted world view by trying to delegitimize the messenger. (You also openly admit that you didn’t read the whole thing, which doesn’t help your credibility.)

        Please tell me what news sources you do find credible. I’ll wait.

        “A speech is a summary of accomplishments not a detailed report.” Whaaaa? Trump’s listing of his “accomplishments” are half BS and half things that are the polar opposite of an “accomplishment,” unless one’s goal is to destroy the United States. On that front, he’s done a helluva job.

        Here’s the bottom line: Trump told lie after lie, even if you want to delude yourself and say it’s just “nitpicking” to say so. You can insist otherwise, but the facts are the facts and history will have the final say.

        Here’s another fact check of Trump’s speech, considerably less polite than NPR’s but just as accurate. Enjoy.



  2. We’ve been right the last four years and CNN (which is just like NPR) have been wrong. PERIOD. That’s my source. They were wrong about Kavanaugh’s accusers, wrong about Russia Collusion, wrong about Ukraine and so on. Read my recent blog entitled “Interview with a Democrat”. You sound just like my interviewee.


    1. We can stop. I read several of your blog posts and it’s clear we see things in absolutely polar opposite ways and are never going to agree or change the other’s mind. But in parting, I feel obliged to address a few things:

      “You” (I guess you mean Trump and his supporters?) have not been right about anything. Citing him as your source “PERIOD,” as you write, says it all about your blind, unquestioning obedience to a shameless con man and your refusal to entertain objective reality.

      Wrong about Kavanaugh’s accusers? How so? His confirmation by a partisan Senate is not exoneration; the allegations against him remain credible.

      Wrong about Russia? A BIPARTISAN 1000-page report by the Senate Intel Committee just said the exact opposite.

      Wrong about Ukraine? Again, the cowardice of Senate Republicans is not exoneration, only politics. Trump’s actions are on the record and indisputable. He himself bragged about openly impeachable crimes. That Mitch McConnell & Co refused to remove him does not change that one whit.

      I did read your “Interview with a Democrat.” (All of it; you should consider adopting that practice.) It’s not an interview: it’s you paraphrasing fragments of things your friend said and then denigrating them. You never let her state her case and you never offer concrete rebuttals, only sneer that what she thinks is so self-evidently wrong. You criticize my posts for being long and they are…..but in part that’s because I devote the time to getting into the details. Many of the things you do say (“Trump left a prosperous business to save the country…..He.can spot wasted spending within the government”) are patently false and laughably so. You end by comparing Democrats to bloodsucking vampires.

      We do agree on one thing, which I will quote: “Bottom line: This is what we are dealing with, close minded voters that refuse to even look at the other side.” Physician, heal thyself.

      I wish you all the best as a fellow American, though I pity how your grandchildren and their grandchildren will look back on your defense of this monster. Be safe and take care during this pandemic and God bless you.


  3. I did write all her answers and she had no backup evidence. That’s what was curious. She just lost her temper instead. I’m not close minded as I watched all the Democrat debates and Democrat convention speeches, she didn’t, as it is a waste of her time apparently. And she listens to NPR coincidentally. So I’m sure she read your article, Ugh!
    “Democrats are out for blood” is just a figure of speech. My source was your sources getting it wrong for four years and FOX and Rush and Hannity et al being 100% right. You’ll see. One FBI lawyer has already plead guilty to doctoring docs. It’s all coming down soon.
    Trump did leave a prosperous business to save the country. No one disputes that. He’s not beholden to any big companies.
    Kavanaugh accusers were proven liars especially Dr. Ford as she was an activist that wiped her social media clean before coming in to testify. She made up her story with no facts to back it.
    My grandkids will be fine as their parents aren’t close minded and can already see through the fake news. Thank God for that. Otherwise they’d be on the streets with the rest of the goons.
    I’m not a blind follower, I’m a defender of the truth, is all. The truth will always prevail, it just sometimes takes longer than I wish. The end.


    1. Your friend may have merely lost her temper, but there is a universe of evidence out there. When I have cited it to you, you have attacked the validity of the sources and offered no concrete rebuttals. You have no evidence for your positions, only opinion and assertion of your rightness. But you are fighting an ocean of objective reality.

      Once again you repeat the canard that my side is wrong and Fox and Rush were right. But just saying it doesn’t make it so. You didn’t refute my remarks about Russia or Ukraine. You cherrypick things like one FBI lawyer, but ignore a 1000 page Senate report. I guess all those Republican senators are closet Democrats too?

      You say “Kavanaugh accusers were proven liars especially Dr. Ford.” Who “proved” anything of the sort? You say “She made up her story with no facts to back it up.” Again, this is you slinging your own opinion, which is itself counterfactual. She had plenty of facts, which the FBI and GOP declined to investigate. Kavanaugh threw a temper tantrum aimed at pleasing the president and it worked. You choose to believe him not her, but don’t try to tell me it wasn’t a credible allegation…..nor those of the other women who had similar stories about Brett.

      PS I’d delete all my social media too if I knew I was about to get doxxed by all of MAGA Nation. (Is that like refusing to release one’s tax returns?)

      As to Trump’s supposed business acumen, it’s very questionable whether he even had a prosperous business—he inherited a fortune and ran it into the ground, with less to show than if he’d put his inheritance in a bank account at 1% interest. He’s a serial bankruptcy filer and real estate swindler living off loans from Deutsche Bank and foreign moneylaundering, and now wanton corruption from his office. I’m a New Yorker; everyone here (and in Atlantic City) has known that for years. The SDNY, NYS AG, and Mannhattan DA’s office are all deep into it.

      But what is indisputable is that he did not leave that business. He is still very much in charge of the Trump Organization even though he swore he would divest. His charitable foundation was ordered closed by NY state for embezzling money meant for children with cancer. Wow.

      Lastly, your reference to the “goons” on the street is very telling…..unless by “goons” you mean homicidal Trump supporters like Kyle Rittenhouse? I’d look forward to your inevitable defense of him, except I’ve wasted enough time with you as it is, ma’am.

      “I’m not a blind follower, I’m a defender of the truth,” you say. History will judge.

      Please be well. Goodbye.


      1. The uncivilised, relentless hounding of first a candidate and then a president by the democrats and their media minions was disgusting enough but now, there’s the unconstitutional impeachment of a citizen. They’re not satisfied with bringing Trump to ground. There’s an urgent need to bury him six feet under and unravel his achievements before moving on.


      2. Thank you for your comment, ma’am, but you won’t be surprised to learn that I disagree in every possible way. For starters, for any Trump supporter to complain about others being “uncivilized” is the height of irony. I don’t know if you read my piece before commenting, but in it and close to 200 other essays in this blog you will find arguments against all of your points. I invite you to peruse them and wish you well.


      3. Thanks for your response. I appreciate it as I generally expect those of my opinions that don’t fit the narrative to be blocked.

        I did read your piece but to quote you ‘I disagree in every possible way’ with what you have to say. Essays are just a superior form of opinion piece. I’m sure there are any number of opposing opinion pieces if you look for them.

        If you ever stop to think about the obscene amount of money spent trying to get to the top job you might agree that it’s often less about doing good and more about power. Biden has yet to prove himself, but telling a divided country that he wants to unite them then allowing the impeachment to go forward isn’t a good start.

        Essays are just a superior form of opinion piece. I’m sure there are any number of opposing opinion pieces if you look for them. In the meantime here are some facts to consider:

        * Trump signed the first step act into law in December 2018, marking the first legislative victory in years for advocates seeking to reform the criminal justice system.
        * The Mission Act fulfils Trump’s 2016 promise to America’s veterans. He promised that “no veteran would die waiting for service.”
        * No new wars under Trump’s watch
        *Snowballing peace in the Middle East. (Yet it’s Trump’s predecessor who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. 🤭.)
        * Trump made the economy boom for the poorest half of America. That hasn’t happened since the ‘60s.
        Last year (during a pandemic) there were 493 documented riots across the United States: Black Lives Matter, Antifa. Harris and Biden encouraged it.
        (Taken from The Aspen Beat) *Last summer, criminal mobs stormed federal buildings in an attempt to intimidate elected officials and overturn a democratic republic. “Burn it down” and “No USA at all” were their frequent chants. Some demagogic politicians egged them on. People died.

        This year another criminal mob stormed another federal building in another attempt to intimidate our elected officials and overturn a democratic republic.  “Stop the steal” was their frequent chant. Some demagogic politicians egged them on. People died.

        The media accurately reported the recent riot as a riot, but they reported last summer’s riots as “mostly peaceful protests.” The reason for the disparate reporting is of course that the media sympathised with last summer’s criminal mob but not with the recent criminal mob.


      4. It is my pleasure to engage in civil dialogue with you. All reasonable points of view deserve to be heard.

        Let’s get into it:

        Why do you think referring to my essay as an “opinion piece” is some sort of critique? Of course it’s an opinion piece. You offered your opinion, I offered mine as a counter. That’s how argument works. But we both agree that opinions require facts to back them up, and I am fine with that, as the facts are on my side, not Donald’s. Unless you mean “alternative” ones.

        I agree about power, but IMHO, Mr. Biden is off to an excellent start. (See here: https://thekingsnecktie.com/2021/01/30/making-america-great-again/)

        I also agree with you that Trump deserves some credit for criminal justice reform; it is one of the few positive things I concede he did, for whatever reason.

        But as for unity, there can be no unity without accountability. All criminals would prefer to “move on” and not answer for their actions. Republican cries for “moving on” are no different, and are a risible and dishonest attempt to escape responsibility for the slate of damaging things Trump has done.

        (See here: https://thekingsnecktie.com/2021/02/04/crime-and-punishment/)

        Your economic arguments are particularly off base. Trump inherited a rising economy that Obama built (from the ashes of the last Republican administration), then gave us a deficit-busting trillion dollar tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited the richest Americans, like him. Far from helping the poorest half of America, as you claim, economic inequality has rapidly accelerated, as the benefits of economic indicators like the stock market have disproportionately gone to that same 1%. Once the pandemic hit, the plutocratic impulse behind Trumponomics became even more apparent, as he let the country suffer like no other industrialized nation when it did not have to be that way, with federal relief flowing to corporate interests and not the ordinary people who needed it most.

        Speaking of, we have not even touched on Trump’s historically botched handling of the pandemic, which has resulted in death and economic devastation on an epic scale, while he spread lies and disinformation that made it infinitely worse. That alone may be the reason history will judge him so harshly.

        As for what Trump has done for vets, I am a veteran myself (Gulf war) and the son of a veteran (Vietnam) and the grandson of a veteran (World War I), and I can’t think of any US president who has betrayed us and American national security more than Trump: from kowtowing to Putin and serving Russian interests above our own (even cravenly doing nothing when the Kremlin laid bounties on the head of US troops), to his reckless withdrawal from Syria that likewise served Moscow’s interests, to hastening nuclear proliferation in North Korea, to dealing a grievous blow to NATO with his support of dictators and abuse of our allies, to relentlessly insulting a genuine hero like John McCain, to denigrating American soldiers as “losers and suckers” and “dopes and babies.” I could go on.

        In the Middle East, Trump has bolstered kleptocrats like the Saudis and autocrats like Erdogan, destabilized Israel, and brought Iran closer to getting the Bomb, all while lining his own pockets.

        Lastly you draw an utterly false equivalence between violence at last summer’s protests and what happened at the US Capitol. Contrary to your claim, the former were overwhelmingly peaceful. I know because I was at my share of them. Where there was violence, I condemn it, but it was relatively rare and certainly not encouraged by Biden and Harris—that is an absurd allegation. Please show me evidence to support your claim. Moreover, even in the worst interpretation of those protests, none of them were a lethal attempt to overthrow the government.

        You cite a statistic from something called The Aspen Beat which, from what I can tell, is one man’s right wing blog (no less an opinion column than my own) full of nonsense like anti-mask conspiracy theory. This does not lend credibility to any of your arguments.

        It is convenient to portray the attack on the Capitol as the act of some rogue criminals and deny Trump’s culpability in inciting it. There’s no need for us to rehash the arguments; the House managers made the case formidably, and a bipartisan majority of US Senators agreed and found him guilty. This was no rally that got out of hand; it was a well-planned, deliberate attempt at an insurrection (by people who claim to be champions of the police and “law and order”), aimed at assassinating federal officials and overturning the results of a fair election. And only one man bears responsibility for it: the one who spent months spreading a vile, incredibly dangerous lie that undermined a 232 year-old tradition of peaceful transfer of power.

        I don’t expect you to agree with any of this. But history is already rendering its verdict, and I venture it will not be kind to the man you defend.

        Thank you for listening. Despite our differences, we are all Americans, and I agree with you that we have to find a way to live together on the basis of our shared principles, even as we struggle to define them.


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